August 26, 2017


Divorce Law Basics

Many individuals start out thinking that divorce is just a quick and simple process, only to be snagged in one of the many potential pitfalls facing Pro Se litigants. Retaining an attorney can help ensure that you aren’t left holding the short end of the stick. Attorney Matthew Valley zealously represents those facing an uncontested or contested divorce. Please call (512) 689-4299 to schedule a consultation today. Our office represents individuals in the following matters:

  • Uncontested Divorce (with or without children)
  • Contested Divorces (with or without children)

We also offer limited scope representation–representation limited to a particular set of tasks– which can save you money while giving you the peace of mind that goes with a lawyer reviewing your documents. For a fixed, flat rate fee, Matthew Valley can do the following:

  • Review documents you plan to file in court for your divorce, including your Petition for Divorce and Final Divorce Decree.
  • Represent you for an individual hearing (contested temporary restraining orders, child custody/support orders, etc.)
  • Provide pre-hearing coaching to help you be more effective in the court room.
  • General consultation (advise you generally of your rights and the proper steps in which to proceed).

Please feel free to call (512) 689-4299 to schedule a consultation.