June 24, 2017

Jail Release

Jail Release

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Travis or Williamson Counties, please call The Law Office of Matthew Valley at (512) 689-4299 to discuss the potential of having you or your loved one released on a Personal Recognizance Bond (“PR” Bond). Matthew Valley has a great track record in obtaining release for clients on PR bonds, and includes the service as part of his representation of each retained client.

The information on this page is limited to State related charges and is for general informational purposes only; the exact details and requirements for applying for a PR bond differ by county, and not every defendant who is technically eligible for a PR bond will obtain one.

Types of Bonds in Texas

When an individual is arrested in relation to a criminal accusation, they will be brought before a magistrate judge, admonished of their rights, and a bond will be set. While this process tends to occur fairly quickly in larger counties such as Travis, it can often take upwards of 48 hours in some smaller counties or in cases where an officer delays submitting a probable cause affidavit regarding a warrantless arrest. In Texas, there are four types of bonds that may be available for a defendant to bail out. On of these types is what is known as a Personal Recognizance Bond.

A PR Bond is essentially an agreement by an accused to be released without the posting of bail. When available, a PR Bond can save an accused or their loved one hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in non-refundable bail bond fees, or permit those who would otherwise be on a cash bond to put the thousands of dollars that would be tied up in the court’s registry towards other services.

How Can The Law Office of Matthew Valley Help With Obtaining a PR Bond?

While counties with formal pre-trial services offices often have officers interview candidates and make preliminary recommendations for or against an individual obtaining a PR Bond, hiring an attorney can cut hours of wait time off of getting approval for the PR bond from the magistrate or accused’s assigned court. Frequently, hiring an attorney can increase the chance that a judge will grant a PR bond as hiring an attorney helps show the court that the accused is serious about resolving the charges against him or her. An attorney is also useful where pre-trial services recommends against a PR bond because of missing or inaccurate information, such as problem references. An attorney can help find better references and make a zealous argument on behalf of the accused receiving a PR bond.

Remember, if you or a loved one is in jail, Attorney Matthew Valley looks forward to talking with you about how he can help! Call (512) 689-4299 for a free consultation today!