June 22, 2017

Criminal Defense

What I Do.

I defend those accused of crimes across the Central Texas regions, including those facing charges in Travis, Williamson, Hays, Milam, and Bexar Counties. I believe that all defendants have a God-given right to competent legal representation, and I strive to obtain the best results I can for all of my clients. For many of my clients and their loved ones, this is the first time that they, or their loved one, has had to deal with “the system.” As such, I pride myself in making myself readily available to clients should they have any questions or concerns about their case and where it is going, and therefore try to respond to any phone calls or emails from clients as promptly and as thoroughly as possible.

Why You Need an Attorney.

A lot of defendants, attempting to resolve the case by themselves, end up agreeing to offers extended by a prosecutor that, quite frankly, aren’t all they are chalked up to be. Even worse is when a defendant wants to fight a case by themselves, they may miss an important fact or detail–a detail that might spell the difference between hearing “guilty” or “not guilty” from a jury– that an experienced attorney would not. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help explain not only the charges you are facing, but provide a professional opinion on what the strengths and weaknesses of any potential defense you have might be. Furthermore, an experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to investigate your case–either by him or herself, or by bringing on a competent private investigator– in order to find the facts that might bolster or sink your defense at trial.

A felony or misdemeanor conviction can carry lifelong consequences, including, but not limited to:

  • making it extremely difficult to find a place to rent
  • they can serve as a barrier to obtaining certain jobs or professional licenses
  • they can negatively impact your ability to obtain a higher education
  • the stigma surrounding such a conviction may negatively impact your personal and social life.
  • they may prevent you from exercising certain rights, such as your right to vote or possess a firearm.

With these type of damaging consequences to one’s future, there is almost no reason not to retain competent counsel.

Why You Should Hire Me.

You should hire me if you want to put the prosecutions feet to the fire and take them to trial. While I do handle cases where the best option for a client is to take an offer from the prosecution, I believe in the U.S. and Texas Constitutions and a defendant’s right to a fair trial, and don’t pressure clients into taking an offer when they want to exercise that right. While I cannot guarantee you an acquittal in your case, you can be sure that I will give you the best chance at success I can.

What Type of Cases I Take.

I provide representation to those accused of the following, non-exhaustive list of offenses:

While many attorneys will refrain from representing defendants in cases where the alleged victim is a child or an elderly individual, I don’t. I believe that every defendant deserves competent representation, including those who are accused of some of the most heinous crimes. Just because you have been accused of such an offense does not automatically make you guilty, and those facing hard charges are in the most need of diligent and competent representation.

In addition to representation in the above offenses, I also represent individuals in the following matters related to an individual’s criminal case:

  • Expunctions/Orders of Non-Disclosure – When you have had your charges dismissed, you may be entitled to seal or even expunge the underlying arrest and related records.
  • Occupational Drivers Licenses – Whether your license was suspended as a result of DWI arrest, or because of unpaid surcharges, you may be eligible to obtain a license that will allow you to drive to work and/or school, as well as take care of life’s necessities.

If you or a loved one are facing charges in Central Texas, then then don’t hesitate to reach out to my office at (512) 689-4299.