A “Not Guilty” Is An Excellent Way To Start The Holiday Season

Making the holidays a little happier for a client: this afternoon, after approximately 10 minutes of deliberation, a Milam County jury returned a Not Guilty verdict for a client of mine facing a Class A Theft of Services charge.

While every case is different, and going to trial is not always to be recommended, I believe every defendant should expect, and deserves, an attorney that is willing to take a case to trial. The constitutional right to a jury trial is all too often waived by defendants, even when they have a case that can prevail in a jury trial. While this frequently happens as a means of a defendant reducing risk of heightened punishment–or, as I have seen, simply to avoid having to come to court anymore– it also happens to defendants who have attorneys that are afraid to get out of the comfort zone of running a “churn and burn” plea mill and actually fight for their clients.

Want an attorney that isn’t afraid to fight for your rights? The Law Office of Matthew Valley represents defendants located across Central Texas, including Austin and San Antonio, as well as Travis, Williamson, Hays, Bexar, and Milam Counties. Call (512) 689-4299 to setup a free consultation.

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  • I was that client that Mr. Valley represented, Im a marine veteran served in two wars and from the beginning Mr. Valley supported me and assured me that he could win, I choose to take the risk of a jury trial, I was scared and affraid of the the outcome but Mr valley gave me a sense of comfort and was flawless in the courtroom, through his knowledge and professionalism I feel he destroyed the prosecution. He ultimately change my life and saved my image. Thank you Mr. Valley, to everyone else this is the man you need in your corner.

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